Cam Newton Will Be Just Fine After Car Accident.

Cam Newton in car accident

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a grim car accident yesterday while on his way to Bank of America stadium. His pick up truck collided with a sedan at an intersection, and flipped over several times before landing on its side. He escaped through the back window that was shattered by the accident. The pictures of the accident had everyone gasping, wondering what injuries he sustained.

Cam Newton in car accident 4

Cam Newton in car accident 2

Newton was kept in the hospital over night to monitor the injuries. He  suffered two transverse process fractures in his back. Transverse processes are  small bones that protrude from either side of the vertebrae. The doctors say it could have been a lot worse, but he will not need surgery. For his health, he will not be playing against the Buccaneers this Sunday.

Get well soon Cam!


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