Fan Comes To TI’s House At Night To Talk “Business”


TI does not play when it comes to his family. A woman whose Instagram name is TheRealCrawlins, somehow got past the front gate of the subdivision and made her way to TI’s home. The woman and a few other people showed up in front of TI’s mansion blasting his music, hoping that he would come outside. 

TI was notified about the disturbance and posted:

The woman then responded with




Is this chick oodles of noodles crazy? You don’t just show up to someone’s home AT NIGHT trying to talk “business”. Her Instagram says she is a professional….that was anything but.

Anything could have happened, and someone could have gotten hurt. TI can’t have a gun, but Tiny can tote one in her Birkin bag.

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  1. Smh! This chick has lost her rabbit mind. How disrespectful! You’re putting everyone at danger. His kids lay their heads there.

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