***Exclusive Interview*** Camilla Poindexter From Bad Girls Club Talks Leaving Behind Reality TV, Giving Back To The Community, YG & More!

You all may know her from the hit Oxygen TV show ‘Bad Girls Club’. She debuted on season 8 in Las Vegas as a replacement but proved Camilla Poindexter was a force to be reckoned with. She has been named “Da Baddest” from BGC. This fierce bad girl spoke exclusively with Web Celeb Daily for a little girl talk. She let us know she has bigger and better things going on outside of reality television including showing us her acting chops on a huge television show and channeling her inner Naomi for the runway.

We talked to Camilla about being on television before BGC. I knew that she had a very familiar face but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She let us know that she did commercials and even got close to Tyra Banks. She says:

Before I joined the cast of the Bad Girls Club I was actually already into modeling, and a little acting. I have previously been on like Pizza Hut commercials, and Turbo Tax commercials…I’ve done ‘Mommas Boys’ (dating show produced by American Idol’s  Ryan Seacrest) I’ve actually done ‘Americas Next Top Model on cycle 10,  I was top 20. I was already doing like catalog and small modeling jobs and trade shows and stuff like that. 

We asked what made her join the cast of BGC

It actually started off as a joke with some friends, they  were like come on Bad Girls Club.  Cause the only season I actually watched was….I’ve seen Tanisha’s season probably a couple times, and I watch the whole season of season 4. We would just laugh about it oh my gosh you should go on that show, they party and everything……and we would like party and laugh and they end up telling me “you should go on Bad Girls Club”. One day we got up and went to an audition at Hooters, and I turned up and had fun, and they ended up selecting me but I was actually selected as a replacement for season for 7, but they never called me, and then they called me for season 8. At the end of the season. 

Listen to the rest of the interview where she talks about rapper YG and his new movie, her role on ‘Real House Husbands Of Hollywood’ and more!

It was definitely a joy talking to Camilla, she was very honest and  humble in my opinion. She has her own voice and to make it in Hollywood and not become a pawn that is very important. This interview should also let the fans (or non fans) know that we only see what the production teams allow us to see, we don’t really know these celebrities in real life, yet we come down on them so hard based on OUR perception.

I was also surprised to hear that reality shows pay little to nothing. All the money they make off of those girls, some of them should paid well when they come back for additional shows, especially the ones they say are fan favorites.

If you haven’t seen it already check out the short film written by YG, “Blame It On The Streets” featuring Camilla.

Stay tuned to your television sets to see Camilla on Real Husbands of Hollywood.

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