Stevie J Fails 10 Drug Tests And Ordered To Rehab. He Makes Plea Deal For $1 Million Owed In Back Child Support.

A few months ago we reported that Love & Hip Hop’s Stevie J was arrested for non payment of child support. Reports show he owes about $1 million in back child support…just for 2 children. He is wanting to cop a plea deal.  The court says he makes $27,000 a month on Love & Hip Hop, and just from January -August 2013 he made $193,499. He should be making a lot more than that now. His attorney is trying to see if the judge will let him avoid jail time. The hearing is scheduled for January 9th.

He is also headed to rehab for 30 days because he has tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. Looks like Benzino was telling the truth about being off that white during the reunion show.  Stevie’s attorney is attempting to get him out of doing the rehab, saying that it would prevent him from working and taking care of his family. Well obviously that is not a good argument being he owes a milli that was supposed to take care of his family. #NoShade. The judge wasn’t hearing it though, and threatened that his bail should actually be revoked.

He has been getting royalty checks from old hits he produced, did all the money go on drugs and a fancy lifestyle? Steebie you better cough up some of that money you got stashed in the “castle” you say you live in.

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