Is The Marriage Over For Toya Wright & MempHitz?

Say it ain’t so! If we are to believe Instagram, we have to say it looks like the marriage of Antonia ‘Toya’ Wright and her husband MempHitz is coming to an end. MempHitz has been posting clues on his page that being a celebrity (no matter what list you are on) can affect your marriage. Marriage in itself is hard, so being under the pressure of public eyes can hold heavy weight on it as well. Read what he had to say about his marriage.

Toya Wright and MempHitz split

Toya Wright and MempHitz split

Hmm… I could read between the subliminal messages but I’m not one to be a messy boots without receipts (proof)!

The two were married in 2011 on their reality tv show, so they started off in the public eye. Not everyone can handle that when they are searching for fame.

Some tea that has been going around regarding their marriage is that it was fueled on the physical appearances, and the love wasn’t really there. Me, I believe in love. For me to marry you, I have to love you AND be IN  love with you. Can marriages last on just being in love with your mates appearances?

We can’t prove that they don’t have love in their hearts when it comes to each other. The love and affection appeared real from what I saw. Divorce is not easy and I hope they can actually work through it. Sometimes leaving is not always the answer, but sometimes people feel they just can’t put in the work to save it.

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