It Was All Cool Just A Week Ago! DJ Mustard & YG Exchange Heated Words On Instagram

DJ Mustard is clearly feeling some type of way regarding his once close homeboy rapper YG. I remember when Mustard won his Hip Hop award in October, he said when he started it was just him and YG in a room. Basically they started out together is what I take from it. Fans were bombarding DJ Mustard with questions about YG not being nominated for a grammy, and Mustard responded saying he never got paid for what he contributed to YG’s album so he could care less. Check and see what YG responded saying.

Well damn! If DJ Mustard felt some type of way, why didn’t he call YG about it? Or is this for publicity? I know these celebrities say and do things on the Gram just for publicity, but you never know.

Actually this is kind of the pot calling the kettle black because Mustard is being sued for not paying his “partner” for his contributions on the songs Mustard did for other celebs and his own album.

Keep that agreement in writing people! Regardless of how long you knew the person or what type of agreement you have. If they decided to do songs for the love, then keep it at that, don’t wait and throw shade for the people to see after the fact. If you expected to be paid then that is a discussion that should happen before we work together.

They do make great music together though! They need to fix it and come out with another song. “Who Do You Love” is still my ish.

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