911 Tape Is Released Of Ray J Calling For Help For Suicidal Girlfriend.

Princess Love & Ray J

The proof is always in a TMZ leak. Last month it was reported that Ray J had to call 911 for help when his girlfriend allegedly threatened to kill herself. Ray J says he wanted to break up with her, but she wasn’t having it. Reports say she has a gun and possibly had pulled the gun out on Ray J. Soon after that, a statement was released that the suicide attempt was a lie and was not true. Well thanks to good ole TMZ, we have our hands on the audio. 

According to reports, there was a disagreement over holiday plans and that escalated to Princess getting her gun. Meanwhile, Ray J hauled ass in fear of him possibly being shot as well. On the reunion show of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Princess said regardless of what happens she would always want to to be with Ray J.

Princess says her and Ray J are still going strong. It seems as though she is soooo deep in love, and it is affecting her mental stability. Relationships like that are toxic and will blow up if it continues.

Ray’s ex assistant Morgan however thinks it is just a publicity stunt.

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