Crunchy Black From 3-6 Mafia Is Wanted After Allegedly Beating His Fiance


One of the members of Memphis rap group 3-6 Mafia has a warrant out for their arrest. Crunchy Black was arrested in Minnesota at a hotel after staff called the police. Apparently, there was loud screams and loud thuds and bumping noises. A hotel staff member showed up to find blood on the bed and door frame, and his fiancé locked in the bathroom.

 The hotel staff attempted to get his fiancee out of the bathroom, but she said she would come out if Crunchy Black stopped beating her. Police showed up and found cocaine in his pocket. They arrested him and charged him with possession and 2 counts of domestic assault. Both are felony charges.

Crunchy made bail and was to appear in court in November, but he never showed up. An arrest warrant has been issued.

Y’all need to leave that coke alone.

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