WTF? Kevin Gates Finds Out He Is Dating His Cousin But Refuses To Stop Having Sex With Her.


What kind of backwood Louisiana ish is this? Rap new comer Kevin Gates announced on his Instagram that he has been dating a young lady for the past three months. His grandmother found out who it was and let him know he is dating his cousin.

Kevin says the hard part is out the way now, by let tin the world know what we will find out later anyway. He also makes it very clear he will not ending the relationship nor will he stop having sex with her….because the kitty kat is too good. Hear exactly how he feels straight from his mouth.

This is not by marriage…. this is by blood. So if she gets pregnant (depending on if they are first, second or third cousins) that DNA can become so messed up and the baby can have all sorts of problems. Some people will say it’s not an issue for them, but me…..nah….I’ll pass on anybody who has any percentage of my bloodline in anyway.

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1 Comment
  1. Just plain disgusting and odd
    Now people talk about hillbillies doing this but let this man do it and because he comes up with a ridiculous excuse people think it’s ok. Smh.
    We gotta do better
    We took a L for this one for sure!

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