Nancy Grace Vs 2 Chainz In A Debate Over Legalizing Marijuana


2 Chainz definitely held his own last night as he went head to head with Nancy Grace. She invited the Atlanta rapper onto her show to debate his stance on legalizing marijuana. Nancy felt that legalizing Mary Jane would allow more young children to smoke it. She played videos of parents giving their young children weed to smoke for amusement .

2 Chainz responded saying not all weed smokers are irresponsible. He said that there may deeper issues that those parents may have for thinking giving your small child weed is ok . Chainz  also threw a lil shade when Nancy attempted to act as if she did not know what he meant by saying “When a kid turns 16 he may need to smoke weed.” Watch the video.

She definitely came for Chainz, and tried to get off topic to knock him off his square. He was probably high right then lol, but he kept his cool and got right back with her. She wasn’t prepared for his responses.

I don’t think that any adult or parent should allow any child to consume any drug or alcohol . However, you cannot throw everyone that smokes into the category of an unfit parent. He also made a great point that even with weed being illegal, people are still getting their hands on it.

What is your stance on legal marijuana?

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