VH1 Cancels Sorority Sisters

2015/01/img_1887.jpgIt looks like either the petition paid off or VH1 is feeling the heat of the advertisers backing out. It was announced that VH1 has decided to cancel the show Sorority Sisters. This show has caused so much controversy and uproar within the black community. Black sorority and fraternity organizations  spoke up saying that the show was a bad depiction of how Greeks handle themselves. 

The show in my opinion was no different from any other reality show, but I was told that it is because they are constantly mentioning their greek  letters while arguing or fighting is why people are upset. There was a special on VH1 with the ladies and they were asked if they spoke to their organizations before doing the show. Each said their organization had no problems with the women doing show, so they were shocked to get letters advising them to leave the show.

Two of the cast members were suspended by the Alpha Kappa Alpha  organization until 2016. Some of the cast has also gotten death and physical threats from other people in their own organization and others.  If you have watched the show, do you think that was necessary? If you haven’t seen the show, VH1 will be airing the rest of the seasons episodes on Friday. From what I heard, the newest episodes won’t air until late night, like11 pm.

Maybe another network will pick up the show….maybe online episodes? Either way….the ladies made history.

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