Funk Master Flex Tells Jay Z He Will Ruin Him

Funkmaster Flex-Jay Z

New York Dj Funk Master Flex is pretty pissed off with Brooklyn mogul Jay Z. Apparently Funk Flex feels that Jigga is doing shady business and trying to steal ideas from him. Funk Flex used his radio platform and blasted Jay, and he held no punches.

So what exactly is it that Jay stole from Flex? According to Funk Flex, Jay Z sent someone who claims they were from “Life+Times”, and wanted to interview him about his iTunes app, and it was to be featured on the site. Flex says he knew something was up when they didn’t send anyone that actually worked for the company. He says he feels Jay used that information to build his app to release Magna Carta: Holy Grail via Samsung. Flex said he let that ride….until he got an email from Life +Times again for another interview to talk about the Dipset reunion. Flex says Dipset is Jay’s competition. That set him over the top. Listen to what he says.

Jay Z apparently got wind of the Flex’s rant, and called him several times private. Flex then posted a text of Jay Z texting him.


Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.03.35 PM
Text To Funk Master Flex From Jay Z

Some people think that Flex is reaching by posting this. Some say it is suspect, others say it shouldn’t have been posted.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.03.48 PM

Even Flex’s jeweler has decided to pick a side.


rafaelloandco I’m good…. #rocnation #rocboys #roclafamilia

To top it off….Cam’Ron released a Jay Z diss called Victory, which samples Beyoncé’s voice from “Say My Name”.

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