Ludacris Wins Custody Of His Daughter Cai Bella

It looks like Tamika Fuller predicted this one. A few weeks ago we reported that Atlanta rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges was in a nasty custody battle with newest baby’s mother Tamika Fuller. Fuller went public saying Luda only married his wife Eudoxie (they got married on the same day he proposed) so fast because he was attempting to obtain full custody of the cute little baby Cai Bella.

Well, if the plan was to make himself look like the more stable parent to win this custody battle…it worked.

The story is that Tamika wanted the court to know that Ludacris did not want her to go through with the pregnancy. She states that he attempted to bribe her and offered her money if she had an abortion. Luda’s defense team fought back and was able to use that story against her. His attorney says the story is damaging to Ludacris’ image and proved that she was the more unstable parent between the two.

On Monday he released a statement to PEOPLE saying :

After review of all the evidence, the testimony of the witnesses, the report of the guardian ad litem, and the claims made throughout this entire case, I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter.

According to a source, Tamika’s $800 a month salary as a housekeeper could not compare to the lifestyle that Ludacris could offer the child. The judge will allow Tamika to see Cai 11 days out of each month, and the rest with Ludacris and his new family.

Dang, I know this has to be heart breaking for Tamika, as a parent I could not imagine losing my babies to anyone.

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