Jagged Edge Member Is Arrested For Beating Up His Fiancee And Shoving An Engagement Ring Down Her Throat.

Another bites the dust. Smh. Remember Kyle from the heart throb group Jagged Edge? He is making headlines unfortunately for beating up his fiancee yesterday morning. He was arrested in Atlanta on aggravated assault charges after police received a phone call about a domestic dispute. 

The police arrived to see the woman with tons of bruises and a golf sized knot on her forehead. The victim tells police that they were arguing about Kyle’s drinking problem, and then he attacked her. The police report says there were welts under her eyes, that she had a busted blood vessel in her right eye, and cuts to her nose. The victim says that he punched her in the eye, choked her with a scarf and shoved her engagement ring down her throat.

The victim says Kyle refused to let her leave by smashing her phone and taking her car keys. She then says she had to start agreeing with him, and he let his guard down and walked away. She was able to get away and go to a neighbor’s home to call the police.

Kyle told the cops he got so upset because he found out his father has cancer.

She was treated at Atlanta Medical Center and he was taken to Fulton County Jail.

Extremely sad.

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