Suge Knight Runs A Man Over Killing Him Then Flees The Scene.

Seriously… stupid can you really be? Former CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight,  was involved in a fatal car accident last night on the NWA movie set. He showed up to the set and was asked to leave, and he got into an altercation with 2 men. After that, Suge rolled up to a burger stand and threw his car in reverse twice, running the two men over. A third man unfortunately was hit and has died as a result of this. 

The victim is said to have been Suge’s friend Terry Carter that came with him to the movie set. He had already gotten out the car, and was walking behind it going back to the passenger door when Suge hit the gas.

The other 2 men were hit are in the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Suge went on the run briefly. His car was found by LAPD in a parking lot of Westwood. Suge later turned himself in where he was officially charged with murder and has bail set at 2 million dollars. It is said that the key point against him is that he threw his car in reverse twice, which the police feel was intentional since the other 2 men were involved in the fight at the movie set.

Witnesses are basically verifying the cops’ theory saying it looks like he intentionally put his car in reverse twice to hit the two men, but mistakenly hit his friend.

Suge probably wont be free for a long time.

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