ICYMI: Vivica Fox & Kenya Moore Go Head To Head In The Board Room On Celebrity Apprentice.

I haven’t always kept up with Celebrity Apprentice, but this season has been very entertaining. There was a good casting this season, which included Terrell Owens, Vivica Fox, messy ass Kenya Moore, Geraldo Rivera, Kate Gosselin and Keisha Knight Pullam just to name a few. For the most part, Vivica was keeping her composure, not allowing certain shade and nonsense get to her. Monday’s episode however……was full of shade, messiness, shots thrown etc…

So to give you a brief summary, Kenya was in charge to create a photo bomb that included the company that creates the best rolls out….Hawaiian Rolls that is. Geraldo, Kenya and Vivica were all on a team, but Kenya basically ignored Vivica and threw her a few palm tree’s during the project. When it came down to it, their team lost and that’s when you needed to grab your popcorn, drink, and goobers to enjoy the show.

Both Kenya and Vivica came for each other…somewhat still tasteful in the beginning, then all hell breaks loose. Kenya tells Donald Trump that Vivica is menopausal and Vivica looses it. The hood chic that she is went IN on Kenya and she went so far as to call her a “dirty ass bitch” right in front of Trump. Kenya says in her defense, Vivica tweeted it herself so she didn’t understand the big problem.

Vivica denied tweeting it, and Trump’s son wanted proof. He went to Viv’s twitter account and saw that there was a tweet saying she was menopausal and was acting a damn fool. The funny part is that Vivica’s phone went missing at the same time the tweet was made.

Take a look at how the two ladies react.

Hunnni! Donald Trump confirmed on the Wendy Williams show that Kenya indeed did take Vivica’s phone…..yet Kenya continues to deny it.

Kenya is too messy for me. I’m glad Vivica gave it to her ass because she deserved it based on her throwing people under the bus, stealing and acting as if she is better than. Her brain appears to be gone with the wind. She plays a lot of games …..but she lost this one.

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