Nicki Minaj Seems To Love Serving The PDA With Meek Mill.

Soooo is Nicki Minaj finally confirming that she and MMG rapper Meek Mill are a couple? Her Instagram page has quite a few pictures of her snuggled up to the Philly rapper on different occasions. Is she being this public because she wants to make Safari jealous or has Meek Mill allowed her to let her guard down?

The self proclaimed Barbie was very hush hush when it came to her relationship with her ex-fiancee Safari Samuels. The two were together over 10 years quietly, but the break up went public. A lot of people believe it was a publicity stunt to help sell her album ‘The Pink Print’.

The word got out that Nicki and Meek were dating over a month ago, but Nicki kept avoiding the question. She even admitted during an interview with Angie Martinez that her and Meek were not like that. The pictures that have gone viral say otherwise.

She seems more “normal” with Meek Mill than with Safari. That can clearly be because as far as the public saw it…Safari was kind of in her shadow. Meek Mill has his own star power, so he doesn’t seem intimidated by her fame.

They really seem to be into each other as we can all see. Now no shade, but clearly this is a good look for Meek Mill….but is it a good look for Nicki?

I know Nicki said she was going to be ready in a few years to settle down and start a family. Can you imagine a Nicki/Meek baby? Not saying that they would get that far but hey…anything could happen right?

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