Man Tries To Fight Ghostface Killah During A Performance And Gets Beat Up By The Crowd. (Video)

One thing for certain is that Ghostface Killah has some die hard fans. The Wu-Tang rapper was performing in TX at a tattoo convention and a “fan” tried to fight him. According to the man that allegedly took the video, he says the “fan” was drunk and had been cussing out Ghostface for a nice amount of time before Ghostface even addressed him. Ghost finally addressed the guy and told him to come up to the stage so he could punch him out and that’s when all hell broke loose. 

Security ended up coming to block the stage so the man couldn’t reach Ghost, however the surrounding people were fed up. The rowdy man started being pushed around and then he caught fists of a pissed off fans who gave him a quick twelve piece before security escorted the man out.

My question is…if you don’t care for Ghostface, why pay YOUR money to see him? The guy was holding his middle finger up at him and telling him to “eat a d*ck” the entire time Ghost was performing. From what I hear about the Wu though, is that they don’t play those type of games. So the guy should be lucky someone in the crowd got to him instead of Ghost.

Watch the video.

He could have been possibly looking for a pay day. You know these people with no lives will wait for a celebrity, bait them, and when they get hit in the face they want to sue for millions. IF that was the case this time…it didn’t work.

What do you think? Were fans justified?

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