Birdman Denied Entry To Nicki Minaj Grammy Party

Has Nicki chosen sides in the Wayne vs Birdman beef that has been boiling over these past weeks. She hadn’t said too much about it being that she had a relationship with both Baby and Wayne.

Nicki hosted a party at 1OAK over the weekend in West Hollywood, and the guest list didn’t include Baby on the list. Nicki and her boo Meek Mill partied all night, and seemed unbothered about anything that was going on outside those doors.

Cameras caught Baby and his crew attempting to get inside, but the security guard wasn’t having it. He was also heard on the tape yelling “No!” when they tried to enter the club. One of Nicki’s people, Manny Halley, came out and spoke to Birdman, as the cops showed up to make sure things remained peaceful. Birdman then went back to his truck and pulled off.

Now on the video, I think I heard Manny tell Birdman that Nicki did want him in there. It was so faint but I believe that’s what he said. So maybe she really didn’t mind him coming in. He did show up at the party about 15 minutes before it closed. But if it is Nicki’s party…could she had just given the word and let him in?

Watch the video for yourself and decide.

What do you think? Was he just too late to enter or did Manny tell Baby Nicki didn’t want him in there?

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