Steve Harvey Says “I Don’t Give A Damn About Slavery”.

Steve Harvey is in the hot seat with black people because of a statement he made about slavery. A white woman appeared on his show asking how she should handle situations when “American History” topics come up. Listen to his response.

People are very pissed off about this comment. They feel that he was being insensitive about a wound that will never close. Some people are even going as far as wanting to boycott the show.

I’m not sure that telling a white woman to say that was a good idea though. She is bound to get a tongue lashing or an ass kicking if she is around the RIGHT person.

What are your views on this?

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1 Comment
  1. I watched the clip and do not find is responds offensive, cruel or deserving of any backlash. Yes, I am black and a voluntary history student so I understand the system of slavery. In my belief, Steve used that answer in response to the lady’s question. She spoke about conversing with History buff, so I think Steve gave her an answer to get her out of the conversation and perhaps look a tard bit stupid and/or shock and silent said history people. If Steve is guilty about something is perhaps insensitivity to History as a subject because he gives that response no matter the topic at hand.

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