Who Is My Celebrity Daddy?


This cutie pie belongs to an actress and an entertainer (music). The dimples on this little guy though are everything! I am actually surprised that a picture was posted of him, being that his mom is very private when it comes to him. Can you guess who it is?

 photo lilwson.jpg

If you guessed Lil Wayne and Lauren London you are correct. This is Cameron everyone. Lauren London has done a hell of a good job keeping him out of the public eye. There has not been any paparazzi pics or posting on social media of Cameron until 3 days ago. Lauren posted his pic to allow us a glimpse of this soon to be heart breaker.

 photo lltweet.png

Little Cameron was born in September 2009, and a few months later his brother by Nivea was born.

One thing all his BM’s say is that Wayne is a great dad. He is making a lot of them, but as long as he is in their lives, that’s what matters.

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