***Exclusive Interview*** Hot Boy Turk Talks Leaving Cash Money, Suing Birdman, Rebuilding His Career, His Position On A Hot Boy Reunion & More!



One day I was talking to my homegirl Dimetria, and she brought up wanting to read stories about what happened to some her favorite celebs. I thought the idea was brilliant, so I got to work on a list of people that I wanted to know “Where You Been?”. Instantly I thought about a group that I looooooooved when I was growing up. I was what you call now a “super fan” for this legendary group. That group was New Orleans’ own ‘Hot Boys’.

I was able to catch up with one of the former members, and one of my favorites in the group….Hot Boy Turk. He gave Web Celeb Daily an exclusive interview about where he has been and what he is up to now. We also discussed the rumors about him suing Birdman for millions of dollars, and his current relationship with former Hot Boys Lil Wayne, Juvenile and BG.


On how he got signed to Cash Money Records:

Basically um..I used to be rapping and stuff at school, DJ’s, talent shows and things of that nature. At the time they had an artist by the name of Magnolia Shawty (RIP), and me and her from the same hood, same projects in Magnolia so she was signed to Cash Money, and  we used to rap at DJ’s alot, and when she got on she put in a word for me. Baby, Slim and Manny Fresh happened to be deejaying in one of the Magnolia projects, and I happened to be there, and always at the right place and the right time. Slim gave me one his cards, I rapped to him, you know he told me to come to the studio. Juvenile was working on his album at the time. I got on like three songs on that Soulja Rags album and the rest was history from there.

His thoughts about Lil Wayne wanting to leave Cash Money:

I don’t have an opinion about that. He is his own man so whatever he choose to do thats his business…..How yall (the fans & media) look at Wayne and the world look at Baby and them and everything, I don’t look at them like that. So when things happen, it don’t be no surprise to me..if that can answer it. It don’t be no surprise because the whole time its been there, yall just be finding out.

So it could have been that Baby has been operating the same since Cash Money came out the gate. So for Turk, it was not a shocker to him as it was to the world (including myself) because he knows first hand how the man off camera operates.

Turk also told me the real reason why he left the label, why he  really can’t remember his earlier Hot Boy years, how he ended up working with Master P and so much more.

Take a listen to the full interview.

Well, he put the Hot Boy reunion possibility to bed. With all the legal troubles Baby is having right now, he probably would try to stop it from happening anyway. A girl can dream though can’t she? lol

So it is no rumor, Turk is indeed suing Cash Money. In the lawsuit, Turk is seeking about 1.3 million dollars from Cash Money for damages for unpaid royalties. It is said that Baby and Cash Money did some shady bookkeeping. He was apart of a group but he also contributed to 99 featured songs on a total of 19 albums. That equaled to about 17 million in sales, and as he said in the interview, his lawyer advised it’s time to get the money you  are owed. Cash Money has until March 11 to respond, or it becomes a default judgement. According to the case summary, Cash Money failed to uphold their end of the contract, including failing to properly register Turk’s interest in musical compositions which he wrote in whole or in part with either the U.S. Copyright Office or BMI.

The court documents state:

“Defendants have failed to provide Plaintiff with full and accurate accountings relating to Plaintiff’s artist royalties and Plaintiff’s music publishing royalties. Defendants have also failed to pay Plaintiff any advances, any royalties, any artist royalties or any music publishing royalties, whatsoever in connection with the Exclusive Artist Recording Agreements. 18. Defendants also have failed to abide by their obligations as Plaintiff’s exclusive administrator: (a) by failing to register with the U.S. Copyright Office the musical compositions written whole or in part by Plaintiff so as to reflect his copyright interest; and (b) by failing to register Plaintiff’s shares of the following Musical Compositions, including, each and every musical composition embodied upon Plaintiff’s solo album release, “Young & Thuggin”, with Plaintiff’s performing rights organization, Broadcast Music Incorporated (“BMI”). Such failure has resulted in Plaintiff not receiving any so-called “publisher’s share” and “writer’s share” of public performance royalties that would have been paid by BMI had these Musical Compositions been properly registered: “I Did That” “Hide Out or Ride Out” “Spittin’ Game” “Welcome 2 Tha Nolia” “Ha” Remix featuring Turk “Up to Me” “You Want War” “A Million and One Things” ‘Tha Man” “

So Baby and Slim have just been collecting money that doesn’t belong to them. All the fancy cars, clothes and jewelry that made him the number 1 stunna, may need to be sold to pay off his debt. Karma is real though, and it comes back to kick you in the ass!

I thought it was very commendable that Turk had intentions on putting the past behind him with Cash Money and wanted to work with them again after he was released. It’s unfortunate that it worked out the way it did, but Turk is not losing any sleep over the past. He clarified that the lawsuit against Birdman is strictly business. Had business been done the right way, who knows….Turk, BG, Juve and Wayne could have all still been artists under the label.

I also have to say I wouldn’t have thought that Drake would have been his shot of vodka. You know with Drake a lot of people like his music, and a lot of people don’t. Drake should feel honored that he inspires artists that came before him to write awesome music.

Check out Turk’s new hot single ‘Wodie’ featuring Master P.

Now I thought it was awesome and super dope that he has a contest for one of his fans to end up with  a spot on his mixtape, but is also allowing unknown artists to be apart of it as well. He is working with the hottest producers. Calling all artists! For the fans trying to win that free spot on the mixtape, email you spitting a hot 16 over the ‘Wodie’ remix (with artwork if possible) to originalhotbeezy@gmail.com. Now IF you don’t win, and still want the exposure and want to be a part of the mixtape Turk is putting together, $100 can get your slot and you can submit all inquiries or requests to the email below on the flyer .

Turk Booking Poster

Much love to Turk for showing Web Celeb Daily support too!

For your pleasure, here are a few classic hits from Turk and the Hot Boys.

One of my favorites!

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