Bobby Brown’s Family Is Shooting A Reality Show

With Bobbi Kristina still being in a coma, drama between Nick Gordon and Bobby Brown, and fights between the Brown family…it has been revealed that they are shooting a reality show. 2 sisters, brother and their kids are shooting about their lives. Of course, the entire incident of how Bobbi Kristina ended up in the hospital will be featured on the show. Honestly, that is what is going to bring in ratings.

Bobby’s sister Leolah went public and blamed Ray J for Whitney’s death, saying he gave her cocaine all the time. His other sister Tina did an interview about how she did crack with Whitney. Shayne is  Tina’s son. Shayne and Tina got into a fight at a Atlanta hotel, after Bobbi Kristina had already been in the hospital a couple of days. Apparently, Tina hit Shayne with a bottle, and someone called 911.

Bobby Brown will not appear on the show according to his lawyer.

As of now, no filming at the hospital is being done, but they do talk about Bobbi Kristina fighting for her life.

Now, I want to know when did the shooting of the reality show come into place? Now if it was already set up before the incident, fine. If they accepted this offer after, I cannot respect that. Let’s be honest, who is checking for Bobby’s sisters? Was this an opportunity for them to make money off of a bad situation? You can’t put anything past anybody these days, including family.

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