Video Released Of Suge Knight Fatal Hit And Run Incident

Video has been released of Suge Knight running over 2 men. One of the men ran over was his friend, who died from the injuries. We posted the story a few weeks ago that Suge  pulled up to a location where the NWA movie was being filmed. He was asked to leave from there. He left and then he went to Tam’s Burgers where Dr. Dre was shooting for the film as well. He was confronted by an actor named Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan, who was doing security for the filming.

Next thing you know, he runs over Cle and his friend Terry Carter (which was supposed to be an accident) with his SUV. (Warning graphic video footage).

Now, witnesses and Suge say that Cle and Terry had a gun. Suge says he threw the truck in the reverse in fear of his life. Prosecutors are saying that if he feared for his life, he could have pulled off after he threw it in reverse instead of plowing through the parking lot.

 The video made me cringe. TMZ blurred out Terry being run over because it was too gruesome to watch.

Suge thinks this footage will exhonerate him, but police think it will put him in jail for life.

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