Nicki Minaj Calls Out Blogger For Posting A Fraudulent Story About Her.

Nicki Minaj came for fellow blogger Necole Bitchie, after Necole posted a story about Nicki and Safaree posting “I love you” tweets on what would have been their 11th year anniversary. Nick posted “I’ll always love you” and Safaree replied. 

These posts created a story for Necole Bitchie.

Necole’s story insinuated that Nicki might be missing her ex boo. Nicki wasn’t having it.

Necole Btchie and Nicki Minaj tweets

After calling her out, Nicki unfollowed Necole Bitchie on Twitter. She also posted a message to the other blogs who posted the story

Nicki II

Nicki III

The drama continued when Necole called her out for deleting the tweet saying she still loved ____.

Nicki VI

Nicki VII

Nicki V

Necole then jumped on Twitter to defend herself.


In my opinion, it does seem as if the initial tweet was for Safaree. I mean come on now, you tweet and delete on the same day of the anniversary, and say “I will always love you”. What do you expect the public to think? You can’t really say it is none of our business because guess what…you posted it to the public.

Nicki Minaj is known to lie, so of course after that public fall out with Safaree and being so public with Meek Mill, it is expected to cover that up. Obviously Safaree felt the same because of his tweet.

We always try to fact check before posting, however…the truth isn’t always told.

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