Beyonce Fans Come For Raven Symone For Calling Lil Kim “The Queen Bee”

Raven-Symone-Beyonce-and-Lil-Kim-Beyhive-VS-Beehive-Stans 4

Here we go again! The Bey hive is once again attacking someone for the sake of their leader, Beyonce. The latest victim of their attack is actress Raven Symone. She attended event planner Legendary Damon’s annual “Luxx Ball” and posted pictures of her at the event. Rap legend Lil’ Kim performed and took pictures with Raven, which were posted on Instagram. Once posted for the public to see that Raven called Kim “Queen Bee”, that is when things went left. 

Lil' Kim Performs at Legendary Damon Luxx Ball 2015 Raven Symone Jussie Smollett

Raven-Symone-Beyonce-and-Lil-Kim-Beyhive-VS-Beehive-Stans 6

Raven was just trying to enjoy her moment when she ended up having to defend herself.

Raven-Symone-Beyonce-and-Lil-Kim-Beyhive-VS-Beehive-Stans 5

Raven-Symone-Beyonce-and-Lil-Kim-Beyhive-VS-Beehive-Stans 8

Raven-Symone-Beyonce-and-Lil-Kim-Beyhive-VS-Beehive-Stans 9

Let’s call a spade a spade, as she said Kim was calling herself “Queen B” when Beyonce still had LaToya and LaTavia in Destiny’s Child. It is definitely not that serious in my opinion. I understand being a fan, but I don’t think Bey is sending any of those stans a check to pay the bills.

I commend you Raven for going above and beyond for proving yourself. I would have told them to phuck off.

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  1. Ugh, they are the absolute worst. I can’t stand them smh
    It clearly shows they gave nothing else better to do and don’t know the history.

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