Keyshia Cole & Boobie Gibson Squash Their Internet Beef

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A few weeks ago we posted about r&b singer Keyshia Cole going ham on Instagram about her estranged husband Daniel Gibson for being a bad parent. Daniel then responded matching her shade and spilling tea that never should have left the pot. Last night Keyshia posted on Instagram admitting her actions were wrong and that they have to remember it is all about their son, and their son only. 

She posted:

“At the end of the day @Daniel_GibsonJr is what matters! Was I wrong for bringing Shyt to social media? #YES! And we both Apologize for that. So we went out last night to discuss priorities and what #AsolutlyComesFirst #NoArguing #NoFighting #Daniel #Keyshia #DanielJr #NoBitchAssNess #OnMyWayToATL #ForFrankieAndNeffe/EliteShow @Daniel_GibsonJr hasn’t seen his cousins in a while! So I’m bringing him with! #AlsoSoExcitedAboutMomASis #SistersShow #ItsGonnaBeSome #HealingGoingDown,”

It’s clear they still have love for each other, especially since they have not officially divorced.

Could a reconcile possibly be around the corner?

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