Kevin Gates Fights A Group Of Women During His Performance In Flint, MI (VIDEO)

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates was performing at Z night club in Flint, MI last night where he got into an altercation with 2 different groups of women. Kevin is known  for his statement “I don’t get tired” but he got tired of fans grabbing him while he was performing on stage. A fan sent in a video to TMZ showing Gates going after the first woman who was grabbing on him. 

In the video Gates is seen trying to shake off the fan, but she keeps at it. He then goes after her in the crowd. Take a look.

He was swinging on the chick like he was fighting a man. Then you see he gets into it with a different woman! Apparently that fight seemed to get the ratchet crowd even more hype than they already were.

The women were probably just being thirsty and trying to get his attention, I mean when you are close to the performer what fan doesn’t reach out to try to get touched by them.

Maybe if they were his kissing cousins he wouldn’t have swung on them like that.

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