T-Pain Says Aaliyah Is Over Hyped Due To Her Death.

They say you don’t realize what you have until its gone. A lot of Aaliyah fans realized how much she contributed to music when she was alive. T-Pain however doesn’t see it that way. He says that people have over hyped her talents because she passed away. People have draaaaaaagged him beyond the floor for this statement.

Apparently he was supposed to do a swap where he did a song for the Aaliyah X album, and he would get her unused vocals for his mixtape. Some people felt he was not deserving of her vocals.

Listen to what he said:

He was able to use her vocals for his new track Girlfriends. Take a listen.

I get what he was TRYING to say, but he definitely came off like an ass with how he said it. Sounds like he is bitter about being told he was not good enough to use Aaliyah’s voice.

Aaliyah was bigger than Beyonce at that time so I think people would have been comparing Bey to Aaliyah. Who knows how far Baby Girl would have evolved you know?

Do you agree with his overall statement that her death has over hyped her legacy?

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