Man Accuses DMX Of Robbing Him At A Gas Station

A 21 year old man says he ran into DMX at an Exxon gas station in Newark, NJ early Sunday morning. He says that he talked to DMX about his career and rap music, and then all of a sudden, a man that was allegedly with DMX flashed a gun and told him to give the man his money. 

Oddly…the man had 3,200.00 in cash on him at the time, and he claims DMX grabbed the money, then sped off in their car.

A rep for DMX has told us that he did have a show in the area, but did not rob anyone and they will have his attorney clear his name.

One question that I want to know is why did dude have that much cash on him? Who walks around with that at 2 in the morning? With all that DMX has been through, robbing someone wouldn’t seem strange with all the other illegal he has done.

Innocent until proven guilty. The cameras in the gas station should explain it all.

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