What Exactly Is Cosmo Saying About The Black Woman In Their Article About Beauty Trends?

I personally don’t read Cosmo, but this article grabbed my attention. The magazine published their article on beauty trends that needed to die in 2015. The problem for me and probably most Black women when we saw this is that they have RIP over every single Black woman’s photo……but “Beautiful” written over only the White woman’s photo.

Let’s take a look at some of who they thought were beautiful, and whose look they thought should be in a casket.

Now to be fair, they did have RIP over some photo’s of other White women like Katy Perry. The question for them is…since you made some women of color under the RIP category….why didn’t any make the “Beautiful” category?

People began to Tweet about boycotting Cosmo.

After Tweets like this came out, Cosmo issued an apology, but also went back on their article and added more pictures comparing White women. For you to have to go back, add more pictures….and STILL not make any Black women in the “Beautiful” category speaks volumes about what they think about our beauty.

Black women deal with this issue everyday of being compared to women of other races. It’s a debate about everything when it comes to the Black woman. Then they bring in this whitening cream that Black people are using to lighten their skin. Are they considered beautiful now?

Me personally, I feel that Cosmo published what they felt was true to them. That’s fine, but I won’t be purchasing anything from a company who feels that women that look like me are less than.

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