Diddy Will Be Executive Producing His Own “South Park” Type Show Set In Detroit

If you are from or know anything truly about Detroit then you are familiar with the area of Brightmoor aka Brightmo. Diddy has teamed up with Detroit comedian Chris Powell and writer for ‘King of The Hill’ Chip Hall to create a new show called Brightmoor. 

Tommy Davidson (left) Chris Powell (right)

The show will be based around African-American children that attend Brightmoor Elementary school. The show will give you the feel of South Park meets Detroit.

For those who are not familiar with Brightmoor, it is a neighborhood within Detroit on the northwest side of the city. The neighborhood has struggled for many years in the economy, with so many abandoned houses and buildings on almost every street.

The show will air on FX, who have been looking for another animated show to air alongside Archer.

If the writers can really come with great storylines and comedy, it could be a hit show.

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