Beyonce Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service

A lot of my friends and a few of my family members have turned to the vegan lifestyle. For those that may not know, Vegans  do not eat any animal products including dairy milk or cheeses. Beyonce is no stranger to this lifestyle either. She has teamed up with her trainer, Marco Borges, to start a vegan meal delivery program.

The company is called 22 Days Nutrition, which is based on the idea that it will take 21 days to completely break your animal eating habits.  All the meals are plant based and also gluten and soy free, non GMO, and include organic ingredients.

Curried Indian Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Bowl

Research shows that over time, vegans can become unhealthy if they are not getting things such as zinc, iron, vitamin D and calcium. It can also be a little more difficult to sustain weight. To make sure their customers are still getting those nutrients, Beyonce has enlisted chefs to create “the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat with limited salt and sugar” per their website.

So you choose how many meals you want apart of your meal plan. The prices range from $9.76 to 16.50 per meal, and they are delivered every week or you can choose how many days or weeks they will be sent out to you. The meals are already cooked, so you just microwave and enjoy.

Here are a few sample plates.

Winter Beans with Zesty-Parsley Quinoa
Southern Black Beans & Vegetables
Hearty Nut Granola
Ratatouille Pasta with Pesto

I came across an article from a Huffington Post writer, who was challenged to do the 22 days of vegan dieting using Beyonce and Marco’s product line. She said she did lose weight and noticed she felt better physically. Read her experience here

Almond Berry Breakfast Loaf

I might try this challenge. I have been feeling for a while now that I should take meat out of my diet because although it does provide a lot of nutrition, it does a lot of harm to your bodies as well. Especially with seeing how animals are raised on farms. (Disgusting) It is hard though to not enjoy a piece of fried chicken. Cheese? I can forget about that, I am a cheese fiend lol.  I am willing to try it out and see how my body adjusts though. Healthy is good…and taste is very important to me.

If you want to learn more about 22 Days Of Nutrition, go to their website by clicking here:  Beyonce 22 Day Nutrition Challenge

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