MempHitz Loses His Defamation Suit Against K. Michelle After He Admits To Threatening To Kill Her Son, Smothering Her With A Pillow, & More!

We posted this news on our Instagram page about the truth coming out about K. Michelle and MempHitz. Now here are the details. To catch you up, K. Michelle used to appear on LHHATL, on there she talked about the abuse she endured at the hands of MempHitz when they were together. MempHitz is now married to Lil Wayne’s ex wife Toya Wright, who is really good friends with some of the other cast mates on the show. Primarily Rasheeda Frost, good friend to MempHitz and Toya, did not believe K. and called her a liar. MempHitz also  called K. Michelle a liar and sued her, Mona Scott Young and Viacom for defamation of character.

Now lets get to the spilled tea.

In the deposition, MempHitz, real name Mickey Wright, admitted to getting into a physical altercation with K at a Memphis hotel in 2009, he also admitted to spending money that Jive Records gave him for K. Michelle’s career on jewelry. What is disturbing is that he acknowledged that he sent a text message threatening to kill K. Michelle’s son.

MempHitz says he also put a pillow over K’s face to shut her up. K didn’t take that as he was just trying to shut her up, she felt he was trying to kill her.

The judge felt that his defamation case was garbage, and that K. Michelle and Mona Scott Young did nothing wrong. Everything that K said he did on the show (all while not mentioning his name) MempHitz admitted to. The judge stated he believed K. Michelle from watching the show and listening to testimonies.  The judge also said he didn’t appreciate having to wait for MempHitz to explain what was defamatory.

Rasheeda…you owe K. Michelle an apology!

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