Motivation Monday: Realize That You Are Powerful (Video)

In today’s world more and more of young people are becoming entrepreneurs.  A lot more of us could do what we really love instead of what may be considered “safe” if we were not afraid of failure. Being that I am still growing and learning, motivational speeches are very important to me now. If you listen to the right one, it can spark something inside of you that makes you hungry for success. It can make you stay up for days trying to get it right.

I want to help spark that in you. Do you have a talent or a business that you really want to do but fear is holding you back? I found a commencement speech that Diddy gave last year at Howard University. This is for you! 

I hope this was able to help spark something in you to move forward and thrive! Never be afraid of failure because it continues to give you another chance to do it better than the last. Nothing will come easy if you really want it. Dreaming big means working HARDER to achieve your goals, but never get content. Always look for the opportunity to go to the next level, and if there isn’t one….create one.

~Dani LaShay

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