Video Released Of Warren Sapp Having A Breakdown After He Was Arrested Over Prositutes

A few months ago former football player Warren Sapp was arrested after 2 prostitutes called the police saying that Warren refused to pay for service and tried to assault them. Now footage has leaked to TMZ of course, showing Warren in the interrogation room after he was arrested. In the video it shows Warren completely baffled at the fact he may go to jail for 6 months.

Warren says he put $600 on the table and everybody got naked. He says the dispute started when one of the escorts wanted a tip. He says he told both of them to leave, and one of the escorts grabbed his phone and called hotel security.

He then says the escorts got into an argument after one of the escorts spit on Sapp. The arguing eventually went into the hallway , where Sapp chased them to get his phone back while naked.

He is being charged with two counts of assault and one count of soliciting prostitution. Sapp says he never assaulted the women.

When you are a pubic figure, you have to carefully count your steps. He should have had a confidentiality agreement with those pro’s, you can’t afford to lose what you worked hard to build (reputation, career, lifestyle.) He was fired from his anchoring job for the NFL network.

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