Trina Shuts Down Rumors That She Is Pregnant. Comedienne Luenell Issues An Apology

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Miami rapper Trina made news yesterday after numerous pictures and video footage went viral of her appearing to be with child. She and a bunch of stars are on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage performing, and  based on the pics above, it looks like Trina was pregnant.

Comedienne Luenell posted a videoof the rapper performing and added that she indeed was pregnant.  That started the fire.

Her publicist released a statement saying that Trina was indeed not pregnant.

“Trina is not pregnant at this time. This was assumed due to how the performance dress Trina wore that night [fit her curves].”

Luenelle quickly issued an apology.

Someone in Trina’s camp should have told her that the dress was unflattering to her midsection. Without even seeing Luenell’s post, I would have assumed by the pictures alone that she was pregnant.

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