Usher & Wiz Khalifa Spills Some Tea About Their Exes In Rico Love’s “Somebody Else” Remix

Rico Love has released a remix to his hit single “Somebody Else”, and he snagged Usher and Wiz Khalifa for the remix. It seems though that they got a little shady when talking about their exes. While Rico Love talks about missing his old thang but she loves someone else….Usher talks about wanting his ex to find somebody else and move on. Wiz talks about how he did want he and Amber to work out, and that he is mad she fed into Instagram because now their dynamic isn’t the same…but he takes responsibility for some things.

Take a listen.

First off, I love this song, Rico Love really knows how to put music together. Kudos!

Now lets get into this tea! So basically, Mr. Raymond is saying that Tameka needs to move on. Per the song, she is still thinking she is the one in her mind, so that causes drama with her and Usher. He said if she tried a different man, she wouldn’t be worried about him.

I have heard that Tameka was a little cray, Usher is ready for another man to take on that cray.

Now Wiz….he clearly STILL loves Amber Rose. I think he allowed us to see how vulnerable he gets when it comes to her. He reminisces on the good times but also talks about his frustration over her feeding into the bullsh*t that is Instagram.

He said due to Instagram they aren’t the same around each other. Could that be why she ended up professing her love for him on the social media site a few weeks ago?

What do you think about their verses?

Rico Love’s upcoming album ‘Turn The Lights On’ drops May 19th.

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