Tyson Beckford & Chris Brown Beef Over Tyson’s Pictures With Karrueche

This story right here is very sad. Over the weekend model/actor Tyson Beckford shared pictures of him hanging out with Karrueche Tran. Some of Chris Brown’s friends saw the pictures and began being very petty, which caused the situation to lead to police being called in Vegas.

Breezy’s friend Kid Red is the ring leader in all the foolishness. Getting Chris Brown all hyped up for nothing.

This got Chris Brown reacting, when he really could have shut it down. He is not with Karrueche anymore, so I don’t understand the public display.

Chris then took it even further.

Tyson finally responded letting Chris know its’s not that serious.

Chris then jumps off the deep end, bringing in Tyson’s son and his son’s mother.

I’m still trying to understand why Chris is being so emotional right now. That’s what most men do though. They mess up a good thing, and when they think the woman has moved on, they get real territorial, and start tripping like this.

Tyson didn’t appreciate what Chris said about his son, so he then climbed Mount Petty and posted this video.

Now it has gone beyond too far.

Yall talking about fighting and shooting the next man….because of a woman….who belongs to neither of you. It is so much in the world that we could be doing, and you decide do this.

Something apparently went down, Chris claims Tyson called the police.

Chris if you keep up the things you are doing, you may end up back in prison.

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