Auntie Fee Lands Role In Barbershop 3

Auntie Fee has made her way from the kitchen to the big screen. If you don’t know about Auntie Fee, she found fame for being the foul mouth chef online. Her recipes are definitely not conventional, but she is prime time entertainment. Check her out.

Auntie Fee, whose real name is Felecia O’Dell, auditioned and got the part playing Anthony Anderson’s mother in Barbershop 3. 

Auntie Fee is hoping to channel her inner Tyler Perry…well her inner Tyler Perry when he is playing Madea. Which is also the name of her character.  After watching her cooking videos,  I think she will play the hell out of that part.

Auntie Fee is enjoying the the acting life so much, she is already auditioning for more movie roles. I think her personality will help land her roles.

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