Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick End Engagement. Draya Gets Blasted On Instagram For Trying To Use PhotoShop To Hide It.


Just last month, reality star Draya Michele announced she was engaged to her boyfriend, NFL player Orlando Scandrick. Everyone assumed the wedding was still on until she posted the above picture. Take a close look at both of her hands. Does something look different?

Apparently Draya didn’t want people to realize she wasn’t wearing her ring anymore, so she just cropped out her entire finger, and did the same finger on the opposite hand to match. Leaving her with 8 fingers total  in the picture. Instagram went in on her, saying she probably faked her own engagement.

image (1)

image (2)

Draya tweeted and deleted this message to her fans and haters.



The story behind the break up is allegedly Orlando found pictures of another man’s penis in her phone. Yikes.

Draya had been taking pictures hiding her hand to try to put off the explanation. I can only imagine the embarrassment she feels.

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