Bobbi Kristina Passes Away At 22. Attorney Plans To File Murder Charges Against Nick Gordon.

After all these months of hoping Bobbi Kristina would recover, we learned that she passed away late Sunday night in a hospice facility. She never recovered from being found unconscious, face down in her bath tub.

The attorney hired on behalf of Krissy by the family says that they plan to file murder charges, and Nick Gordon is the number 1 suspect. 

Police and family members want to know exactly what happened to Bobbi Kristina. They still have not been able to get direct answers from her mate, Nick Gordon, who was also her godbrother. He was there when Bobbi was found halfway submerged, under water in her bath tub in January.

No one is able to explain the bruises on her face and body. It is known that both Krissy and Nick used drugs. Did they get into a fight while under the influence? It definitely could have been a mistake, however, Nick is not saying a word. If not, did Krissy become so depressed about losing her mom that she wanted to end her own life?

He probably did care for Krissy, but I believe he was more so hoping she didn’t die for the fact he is the number one suspect in this case.

Definitely keep their families in your prayers. I know Bobby Brown is hurting real bad right now. To have to go to court will be another battle itself.

SN: There is something about Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister in law, that doesn’t sit well with me. Ever since I saw that interview with Oprah she did about losing Whitney Houston, I just got an eerie feeling from her.

We will keep you updated on the developing information regarding the case and trial for Bobbi Kristina.

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