Actress Tasha Smith Gets Marriage Annulled Because Her Husband Lived A Double Life.

“Why Did I Get Married?” star Tasha Smith has finally had her good day in court. She had been dealing with legal battles with her now ex-husband Keith “Rory” Douglas, which resulted in her having to pay him alimony.

A judge has allowed Smith to annul her marriage because apparently Mr. Douglas is a fraud who had many secrets she didn’t know about.

Tasha said that while they were dating, he told her he was a preacher, and seemed as if he was a man of God. What she didn’t know is that he had been married already 5 times before. He also tried to hide how many children he has.

Rory also has a criminal past, and a failure to pay taxes for decades.

The judge ruled in favor of Tasha, saying that there is no way she would have jumped at the chance of being wife number 6 to man of his character.

So now it’s as if the marriage did not even happen.

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