Mariah Carey Is Coming To Reality Television.

This is something I would have never imagined! You know times have changed when the diva Mariah Carey herself taps into reality tv. 

Mariah confirmed that she will be debuting her reality show called “Mariah’s World”. The show will air on E! network, and it will finally give her fans a glimpse of her real life.

She released a statement saying,

I’m excited to bring my fans into my life for the next journey I’m about to embark on. I’m already having so much fun with this documentary and I know you will too. There is nothing like capturing these moments.

The show will follow her as she plans her wedding to James Packer (and get to see that big ass ring), and we will get to know the personalities of her twins Monroe and Morroco .

Mariah will also show her getting prepared for her world tour.

Will Nick Cannon make an appearance?

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