**Exclusive Interview** Vh1’s Basketball Wife Tami Roman Talks Bonnet Chronicles, Her New Projects, BBWLA & More!

WebCelebDaily’s Dani LaShay got to chat with our favorite Vh1 basketball wife Tami Roman. She  has advice for women dating younger men, why she decided to sign on to Basketball Wives, and more.

WCD: People act as if your fame came from Basketball Wives, but you were an established actress way before joining the show. You helped pave the way for reality tv. How long have you been in the industry?

For those that may not know, Tami was first appeared on MTV’s The Real World : Los Angeles in 1993.

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Cast of Real World : Los Angeles


TR: 20 years in the business having worked with Halle Berry, Courtney Cox, Kevin & Taraji P. Henson.

Check out this throwback episode of the ‘The Parkers’ Tami guest starred on.

WCD: What made you sign onto do Basketball Wives?

TR: My show ‘Moonlight’ on CBS was cancelled and I needed a job. Decided to return to reality tv after 15 years.

WCD: Are you still friends with any of the Miami wives besides Shaunie [O’neal]?

TR: I am friends with Jennifer, Royce and Meeka. (Of all people I never imagined her to say Meeka Claxton. Remember that epic beat down on BBW Miami?)

WCD: There was talk that the LA series was on its way out the door. Do you think you and Shaunie saved it from being cancelled?

TR: I think our presence helped breathe new life into this particular installment.


Image result for jennifer, royce and tami
Throwback of Tami, Shaunie O’Neal & Evelyn Lozada

WCD: How do you feel about the return of Evelyn Lozada?

TR: I think the fans have been asking to see the Miami cast again. This is an excellent move for longevity of the shows brand. 

WCD: Let’s talk Bonnet Chronicles…what inspired those hilarious videos?

TR: I am a very funny person with a lot on my mind. People don’t see that on BBWLA. It’s not that type of show, but there are many more sides than what is shown.

Check out a clip of  Bonnet Chronicles.



WCD: Congrats on your Tamotions! What makes them different from other emoji’s out there?

Image result for tami roman emojis

TR: I’m one of the first to have talking emoji’s with some of my fave phrases from Bonnet Chronicles.


WCD: On Marriage Bootcamp, we got to see some of your relationship with Reggie play out, what did you learn from the show?

TR: To keep our relationship and our struggles as private as possible going forward, but Marriage Bootcamp definitely helped us.

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Tami Roman & her boyfriend Reggie Youngblood.

WCD: What advice do you have for women dating younger men?

TR: Patience is key because they haven’t experienced the life you have, but it can work depending on the mindset of the person.

WCD: How do you separate being your daughter’s manager and her mom? I saw Duffy made you have to mix the two.

TR: Usually professionals don’t put you in a position to have to mix the two.


WCD: What new projects are you working now?

TR: My new book Mistress 101, a new movie on TV One called “Hit A Lick: The Falisha Blakely Story”,  LYAO Comedy Tour, and Paramount film called ‘Only Once More”.

WCD: What is your ideal role?

TR: ANYTHING produced by Dick Wolf. A Law & Order type of show. 

WCD: What are your favorite shows you watch in your free time?

TR: Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop, Power, Empire and American Horror Story.

WCD: What don’t know about you that you would like your fans to know?

TR: I’m a diabetic. Most people comment about my age or weight…I’m just happy to still be alive.

Tami has definitely not let diabetes or negative comments keep her down. She continues to work hard all the while staying humble about her success.

Tami teamed up with Life Coach Wendi J. Turner to bring book Mistress:101 to life. Now before you jump to assumptions, the book is about how to make your relationship cheat proof. She took advice from the side chicks and took their secrets on how to keep your man happy. You can pre-order and get a signed copy from Tami by clicking here!

Mistress 101

I can’t wait to read this book. I am curious about the advice she is giving in the book. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens between Evelyn and Tami on the next season of Basketball Wives LA. Will we get to see them hash out their differences? Guess we have to wait and see…but I think it will be interesting.

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