Artist Spotlight: Jazz Anderson

Not only did we get to speak to her mom, but now we get to see what Tami Roman’s daughter Jazz Anderson is bringing to the music game. The 20 year old rapper wants to let the world know she is not your average artist. 

We first got introduced to Jazz Anderson as a kid when her mom Tami Roman first appeared on ‘Basketball Wives’ in 2010. Now she is all grown up and ready to have the world hear her lyrical ability. Jazz has opened up for Travis Scott, OG Maco, Kevin Gates, and Jacquees to name a few. We asked Jazz a few questions for her fans to get to know her a little better.

WCD: How long have you been rapping?

JA: Since 13. The pen is my escape.

WCD: In 3 words describe the type of artist you are.

JA: Authentic, Energetic, Free Spirit

WCD: Which rappers do you look up to or has had an influence on you?

JA: Lauryn Hill, Big Krit, Kanye [West] & J Cole.

WCD: Has BBW (Basketball Wives) helped your music career?

JA: Yes! If used properly the platform can help my artistry.

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Jazz Anderson & Momager Tami Roman

WCD: Do you like being on reality tv?

JA: As far as visibility, yes.

WCD: People may not be aware, but you gave a scholarship away this year. Can you tell me more about that?

JA: I just wanted to give back to someone in the city of Houston because the town has supported me. Helping a young female who has overcome trials to pursue her dreams spoke to me.


WCD: What artists would you love to collaborate with?

JA: Big Krit, Logic, Tribe & J Cole.

WCD: Are you currently signed to any labels?

JA: I currently have a deal pending.

WCD: What makes you different from female rappers out now?

JA: Sticking to the craft and honoring the culture. I use bars not gimmicks.

Check out her ‘How To Rob’ freestyle where she proves that.

WCD: Who is your favorite female lyricist and why?

JA: Lauryn Hill because she spoke her truth.

WCD: What advice can you give to that young girl wanting to make it in the industry?

JA: Stay true to yourself! Don’t waiver on your convictions regarding your sound or image.

Jazz raps about this in her single ‘Sometimes’. In the opening she is having a conversation about record labels saying they are looking for the next Nicki Minaj. Take a listen.  I think we all can relate on different  levels to this song.

WCD: What new music or projects are you working on?

JA: I have a new EP coming soon.

WCD: Where else will we see Jazz Anderson?

JA: Keep watching your tv, you never know where  I might pop up. 😉

Jazz is definitely a lyricist on the rise so follow her on social media to keep up! Followe her on IG: @JazzAnderson and check out her website

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