New York DJ Funk Flex Claims 2pac Shot Himself In 1994.

According to Funk Master Flex, Tupac Shakur “pulled a Cheddar Bob” in the 1994 shooting in New York City.

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Within these past few days legendary slain rapper Tupac Shakur has been the topic of discussion on social media. Not only has it been 1 year since his mother Afeni Shakur died, but also the validity of his “Thug Life” persona is being ridiculed.

Funk Flex went on to say that Pac was confronted by a group of his “friends” who was only going to rob him. He says Pac pulled out a pistol and shot himself at the Quad Studios. Watch his rant.



Atlanta rapper T.I. did not take kindly to Flex’s approach.

Compton rapper ‘The Game’ has always paid homage to the rap veteran, however his manager Wack 100 decided to post on social media about how 2pac was not really about that life…or so the life he proclaimed in his music.

The purpose behind all of this is beyond me. I agree with Tip. Why not bring up your issues or “facts” when the man was alive? Is he also saying that Pac shot himself 9 times?

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