A Captain Planet Movie Is In The Works.

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What do you get when you mix earth, fire, wind, water and Leonardo DiCaprio together? A bomb ass Captain Planet movie.


These reboots just keep getting better and better. Captain Planet was a cartoon from the 90’s that was a popular hit nation wide. The show was about a superhero who was an environmentalist and his weakness was pollution. The show originally aired from 1990-1992, then a newer version ran from 1993-1996.


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So many companies have tried to produce a live action film based on the show, but none were successful. This time actor and Hollywood playboy Leonardo DiCaprio has teamed up with Paramount to bring the show to the big screen….finally. With the success of the show, it seems a movie is long overdue.

DiCaprio is set to produce the film along side Jennifer Davisson Killoran but so far it is being said that he will not be featured. Leo’s passion behind the film is him being an environmentalist himself. No casting has been done yet.

The movie will take place years after where the show left off. Captain Planet won’t be the chiseled super hero he once was. I assume the kids will help bring him back to lively green haired pollution fighting being he once was.


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