Want To See 40 Years Of Hip-Hop In 4 Minutes?

We guarantee this is one of the dopest videos you will ever see in your life.


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Hip-Hop has always had one of the biggest influences on the world. Men, women and children of all races have been impacted by the culture of hip-hop. After suffering harsh criticism over the years from different generations, hip-hop still stands, showing that it is more than just a genre of music…it’s a lifestyle.

From Afrika Bambaataa to Chance the Rapper, this 4 minute video will having true fans nodding their heads. This was creatively made by YouTuber by the name of “The Hood Internet”. This person mixed different clips of songs over the past 40 years and made them into one. He includes hits from Jay Z, Outkast, Big Pun, Run DMC, Salt -N- Peppa, Bizmarkie and more.

Take a look.


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