Can You Guess Which Celebrity This Baby Grew Up To Be?

This celebrity recently made headlines and had social media buzzing. Can you guess who?

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If you guessed Angela Bassett….you were wrong. This little cutie pie grew up to be an Oscar award-winning actress. She is a mother of two and she is one of the biggest sex symbols of our time.








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That’s right guys this is Halle Berry’s baby picture. She recently made headlines appearing on a red (well…purple) with what appeared to be a baby bump.



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While the media went into a frenzy wondering if the 51-year-old actress was truly pregnant, Halle released a statement saying, “Can a girl have some steak and fries?”
So pretty much this was the pose that us girls do when we don’t want people to notice our pudge. Good way to bring in the publicity though Ms. Berry 😉 


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